A Personal Aside- The Story of John Angel

This is a piece from my family’s genealogical record that I’ve always wanted to get digital:

Samuel Angel
St. Marychurch (Now Torquay) Devonshire England
Settled 1712-1731 at Petty Harbour

The first settlers at Petty Harbour was a man by the name of Angel (none of the offspring of these fellows are here now). Angel was the son of a pirate who with his father and older brother roamed the spanish main for years until illness forced the elder Angel to give up his unlawful trade. He retired to England with his two sons where he was given a pension and large piece of land by Queen Elizabeth. The land was know as the Downs.

The younger still of an adventurous nature came out to Newfoundland where he thought to carry on his old trade but the name of pirate was hated here. He came to Petty Harbour where he build a home and got married and eked out a miserable living fishing.

Old Captain Angel died and left his property to his oldest son, but, the son dying soon after left the land to his brother in Newfoundland. The will, given by a man named Parnell to carry out was never delivered but hidden in the back of a grandfather’s clock. Old Parnell died but the will was faithfully/ guarded by the old clock as it ticked off the hours one by one until some alterations being made the clock was removed and the will was discovered.

The will was passed over to the son of Angel. The son financed by a merchant in St. John’s. He went to England to fight his claim. After some weeks of fact findings Angel’s lawyer was poisoned on the eve of its going before the Court.

Angel now, without any more money to fight his claim returned to Newfoundland where he was known afterwards as “Lord John”. The land was taken over by the government and now used as a training field for the Army and known as Salisbury Plain.

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