Math Speaks! Slideshare and notes about my presentation to the students in Collingswood HS

Digital Marketers Should Talk To The Next Generation About Their Jobs

I had the opportunity to speak with students at Collingswood High School today as part of the Math Speaks series organized by Mr. Holland. I volunteered because I saw it as a great way to tell young people about a new career path that has really blossomed over the past 3 years.

I have seen that there is and will be a need for the skills that a digital marketer can bring to the table, regardless of their official job title. There are also skills that digital marketers have and things that I know that most internet users don’t… and probably should.

I am hoping that more professionals go out and speak to students who are about to make big (and expensive) decisions about their higher education goals… If only so they can see that people in their community have jobs that may interest them.

I’ll be honest here… As a speaking engagement- I pretty much bombed (sorry kids) Here’s my self assessment of how it went:

  • I don’t speak in public that often. (Really who does)
  • I am a total nerd for my job
  • When I am excited about the topic I am talking about, the speed of words coming out of my mouth is like 200 words per minute.

I give myself a score of 5 out of 10 because: I brought swag, (Thanks to HubSpot for the awesome T-shirts btw!!!!) and there weren’t any technical difficulties with loading the presentation.

I really appreciate the students who signed up to listen to me gush about KPIs, ROI, UTMs, SEO, and many other acronyms.

An artist’s rendering of the look that I was getting for most of the presentation… “Questions? Anyone?”

Some Inspiring Stuff

If you are a student, considering a job in Digital Marketing… Whether as a Content Creator,  Blogger, SEO Specialist, Social Media Manager, or even one day a CMTO… I want you to know that you can get really far with a creative mind that is willing to learn.

Here’s the slide deck from my presentation.

Let me know in the comments if you have had a chance to speak to students about your job and how that went.

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